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Chiva raks

“Chiva Raks is derived from Thai words which relate to our aim to help you live the healthiest life possible. Chiva refers to the essence of life, of living. Raks talks about love and helping each other. Our range of treatments are all designed to help you achieve an improved level of wellness and balance, relieve muscle and tendon injury, prevent future problems and help improve your life balance.”


Chiva Raks

The Woman behind Chiva Raks

Ying Williams,

My first massage experience was as a 14 year old in the temple, where the monks taught me how to do fire massage. I loved having the opportunity to help the people who came to the temple with problems. 

I completed my first formal certificate in Thai Massage in 2004, having trained for 4 years in a Thai hospital, working closely with doctors and specialists to aid in patient’s rehabilitation.  I have continued to study ever since, including other forms of massage and Thai traditional medicine (herb), pre and post natal care and midwifery. I am also qualified as a teacher of Thai Massage.

I enjoy learning new things about massage and new techniques that I can use to help people who present with interesting problems.

I love my job because every time I massage someone I am learning more about how to help them with their particular problems. It’s great that I can keep learning and stay interested in my work.

World Championships in Massage

Ying, a dedicated practitioner at ChivaRaks, showcased her exceptional talent at the 2023 World Championships in Massage, clinching a remarkable third place. Her skillful techniques and unwavering commitment to the art of massage propelled her to this impressive achievement. Undeterred by the competition, Ying’s passion for her craft shines through, driving her to strive for excellence. With her expertise and determination, she has firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of massage therapy.