I have visited her today for my ongoing pain on my neck shoulder. She said she studied Thai herbal medicine for 4 years in Thailand and studied massage course in Australia for 2 years. She has extensive knowledge for how human body works and not only that, but also she got good heart. She told me she was doing massage to help people and she is studying teaching in TAFE to teach students in the future so other people can learn her skill. She said it’s not for money. She even has extended massage time from half hour which I had paid for to 1 hour for free, because she thought I needed massaged for longer time as she thought I needed it. I strongly recommend her because of her massage was professionalism n her attitude towards people. When I finished the session, I felt my whole body has been realigned again and all the stress I have received was gone. Long time stress and pain that pressed in my body was relieved instantly from her massage. She not only heal body but also heal people spirit. The reason I’m saying this is I could feel the pressed spirit was lifted and gone the moment when she pressed the area where I felt compressed emotionally n spiritually.
I thank to you sincerely and all the best to your dream.